Eric & Tracy
Status: Still Looking


Dear Birthparent…

Thank you for considering us as potential parents for your little one. We are honored to be on your list as you make what must be a daunting decision. We want to make sure that you’re comfortable for your child to become our child and will know love and grow up in a happy and healthy home.

We are Eric and Tracy and we live in Central Florida, not far from Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World. We’ve been married for 9 years, and are looking to expand our family. We’re quiet and easygoing people, who love Disney, enjoy playing recreational sports and travelling. We like children but haven’t been able to conceive naturally, so we looked toward adoption.

About Us…

We met in 2009 when we worked together at Walt Disney World in the Magic Kingdom. People say that Disney is the place where dreams come true, and for us, that’s the truth (which, yes, is very sappy and sometimes too much to even say out loud). Neither of us were expecting to meet our special someone, but we’re glad that it worked out that way. Our story began with a bread stick. Tracy was eating her lunch in the breakroom, and Eric kept staring at her food. Eventually, Tracy broke off half a bread stick and shared with Eric. That lead to conversation, and then a first date (which neither of us knew was a date) and then more. We dated for a year, got engaged, and then married after Tracy finished college. Both of us still work for Disney, and now both work in technology.


Our Home and Pets…

We love where we live. Our house is very open and welcoming (very comfy couches), and we enjoy sitting in our family room. Eric has an office upstairs that either of us can work from on the occasion that we work from home, and our master bedroom has plenty of room for a crib until our baby is old enough to move to their own room right next to us. We chose this location with family in mind, and it’s a great, family-friendly neighborhood. Our neighborhood has lots of parks, playgrounds, and walking/biking paths. We get along well with all our neighbors, there’s lots of kids around, and the schools are great. The local elementary school is a pretty easy walk from home, and the middle school is within bike riding distance.

Our Family…

We both come from wonderful, supportive families. Eric’s parents live in the area, so we see them pretty frequently. Tracy’s family is a bit further away, but we usually go up to visit them at least once or twice a year, and they’ll often come down to visit us.  As far as family dynamics, Tracy has 4 older sisters, 6 nieces/nephews, 5 sets of aunts/uncles, and lots of cousins. Eric, on the other hand, has 2 siblings, 3 sets of aunts/uncles, and 1 cousin. So, he was a bit intimidated when he started meeting Tracy’s family. But eventually he learned that as soon as you can start following more than one conversation at a time, anyone can fit right in.

Our Journey to Adoption…

As we planned our future, we both wanted to have children in our lives. Family is very important to both of us. We agreed that if for whatever reasons we could not children on our own, adoption would be the next option. Unfortunately, some minor health issues have prevented us from having children naturally. Upon realizing that this was going to be an uphill battle, we decided that the time was right for adoption. We are looking forward to being able to share our lives and unconditional love and support with a new child (and give a new cousin to our nieces/nephews).

Fun Facts…

Name: Eric

Occupation: IT Analyst

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Information Management

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Hobby: Reading

Favorite Movie: Blues Brothers

Favorite Holiday: Independence Day

Favorite TV Show: How I Met Your Mother

Favorite Activity: Volleyball

Hidden Talent: Great at completely random Trivia

Guilty Pleasure: Eating Cake


Name: Tracy

Occupation: IT Analyst

Education: Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering Management

Favorite Food: Shrimp

Favorite Hobby: Escape Games on my iPad

Favorite Movie: The Blind Side

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory

Favorite Activity: (does channel surfing count?)

Hidden Talent: Solving Sudokus

Guilty Pleasure: Watching Hallmark Movies