Glen & Susan
Status: Still Looking


Dear Birthparent…

Dear Birthparents:

We admire the courage you are showing by making this decision.  If you select us to parent your child, we promise to provide them with a warm loving home filled with laughter and security.  We will give the baby the education, love and support necessary to follow their dreams.

One day we will talk with your child about your sacrifice and love.  We will never judge you; instead we will explain your bravery and your desire to give your child a better life.  We promise to keep you posted with photos and updates.  Humbly, we thank you for considering us to parent your child and make our family complete.

About Us…

Our love story began sitting next to each other on an airplane.  We were both going on trips to help needy people in other countries.  We dated for a year and a half before getting married, giving us plenty of time to get to know one another and meet all of our family and friends.  Although I was told I could not have children due to infertility, through a miracle, I was able to have two boys.  After several years of trying to have a third child, we decided to adopt a little girl to make our family complete.  We have a nursery fit for a princess ready for her in our new home.  After college I worked in the business world for several years, but once I had children I decided to be a stay-at-home mother so I could go on field trips and volunteer as a room-mother in their classrooms which I still do today.  I love driving carpool and bringing other children home to play.  We love having the home where children like to come and play after school.  Whether we are swimming, making cotton candy, or playing in our game room, it is always a fun time.  We enjoy playing games, going to parks, and traveling together.

Our Home and Pets…

We live in a friendly neighborhood near parks with lots of children and places to go and play safely.  We like to ride bikes as a family.  One of our favorite activities is our “Family Game Night”.  Our childrens’ school is only a few minutes away.  There are a lot of kids in the neighborhood.  We have big back yard with plenty of room to run and play.  Our child-friendly dog enjoys playing with the kids as well.

Our Family…

Our family feels blessed to have many relatives close by, including one set of grandparents living about 20 minutes away. This enables us all to get together for more than just holidays and birthdays.  We have many friends in the area who are near and dear to us.  We love to host get-togethers at our beach house on school breaks and occasional weekends.  One relative has a second home in Colorado where we all have learned to ski.  One of our Cousins was adopted from China several years ago.  She is a great addition to our family and is filled with joy and love.  Family and friends are very important to us in life’s journey.

Our Journey to Adoption…

We have talked about adoption since before we were married.  While we have two boys, we want to adopt a little girl to complete our family.  We have several friends who have adopted.  Their children are wonderful and a delight to be around.  We have enjoyed watching their journey.  We will love, protect and cherish your child.  She will be a blessing to our entire family!

Fun Facts…

Name: Sue

Occupation: Homemaker

Education: College Degree

Favorite Food: Quesadillas

Favorite Hobby: Dancing and Singing

Favorite Movie: Wizard of Oz

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite TV Show: Dancing with the Star

Favorite Activity: Piano

Hidden Talent: Art/Painting

Guilty Pleasure:  Cheese


Name: Glen

Occupation: Finance

Education:  Master’s Degree

Favorite Food: Barbeque

Favorite Hobby: Home repairs

Favorite Movie:  The Sound of Music

Favorite Holiday: Easter

Favorite TV Show: King of Queens and Friends

Favorite Activity: Family Games

Hidden Talent: Art

Guilty Pleasure:Fried Chicken

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