John & Leigh
Status: Still Looking


Dear Birthparent…

Our names are John and Leigh from Florida and we sincerely thank you for taking the time to get to know us. It takes not only courage, but strength to put the life of another person in front of your own and we truly admire you for making such a brave consideration.

We met at work more than 14 years ago and knew right away that we wanted to spend our lives together.  After trying to start a family, we found quickly that natural conception was not an option for us.  This led to years of fertility treatments before finally deciding that adoption was the right choice.  It was because of the adoption process that we welcomed our amazing baby girl, Lexi, who is now four years old.  When we first received the call that she had been born and we were chosen to be her parents, we were not only honored to be entrusted with such a gift, but excited and open to whatever God had in store for us. We were not sure what to expect, but felt an immediate connection and admiration for Lexi’s birthmother.  She expressed such unconditional love and a desire for Lexi to live the happiest life possible which made us excited to develop a relationship with her. We speak openly to Lexi of both adoption and her birthmother and have no doubt that Lexi will be proud of where she came from and feel fortunate that so many people love her.

It is now our hope to grow our family by welcoming another baby through adoption again. We cannot possibly understand how you must be feeling, but will offer whatever support you may need during such a difficult time. Please know that we are prepared to give your child a life filled with love and happiness.  And while we plan to teach him or her the value of hard work, we also want to instill in them other core values including honesty and the importance of family and faith in Christ.   The most important thing to know about us is how much we would love, protect, and cherish a child if given the opportunity.  We hope that you consider entrusting us with your child and look forward to getting to know you.

About Us…

We met at work 14 years ago and realized right away that we both had the same energy and work ethic which drew us to each other.   We eventually found hobbies and activities that we enjoyed doing together like golf and bowling.  Before settling down, Leigh went out into the world and experienced her own adventures such as studying abroad in Spain, teaching in Japan, and going to running camps in the Colorado Rockies.  She never wants to look back on life with regret, and has made sure that we live our lives with that philosophy including starting a family four years ago by adopting an amazing baby girl named Lexi. We’re always trying new foods or listening to different types of music.  Leigh is a very accomplished pianist so music is such a passion in our lives and I know she’s excited to share it with a new baby the way she has shared it with Lexi.  She also has both a bachelor and master’s degree in business, so she is a firm believer in education.  She believes her own education contributed to the success of her career and wants to ensure any child that we welcome into our home receives the same type of opportunity.

John has incredible work ethic and drive which he has passed along to his two grown children, Ashlee and Brandon, who live in Minnesota. He experienced fatherhood at such a young age that it has been exciting to watch him go through the joys of parenting again with Lexi and now another baby, but this time with a more wisdom and patience!  John also worked for the same company for thirty years as a respected leader before leaving his firm to be a stay-at-home dad with Lexi for the first year of her life.  While we both now work, we have great flexibility with our jobs that allow us plenty of family time.  John’s passions include bowling and golfing with our daughter Lexi, which he certainly takes advantage of since we live on a golf course.


Our Home and Pets…

We live in a ranch-style, four-bedroom house with plenty of room for another baby.  Our home is located within a gated golf community about thirty minutes away from the beach.  There are a number of walking paths and playgrounds throughout, as well as a clubhouse that offers swimming, tennis and golf lessons for adults and children.  Our community is a lot of fun and enjoys organizing different events throughout the year. One of our favorites is the annual Christmas caroling, where residents and their children decorate more than 75 golf carts and drive to each of the seven neighborhoods in our community to sing Christmas carols.     Our house is very warm and inviting, filled with family pictures, plants, and pets, which include two Golden Retriever dogs and four cats.  We love animals and our dogs are fantastic play mates for our daughter.  We also both enjoy cooking so when you come into our house, there is always something on the stove, whether it’s John’s spaghetti or Leigh’s short ribs, and it’s usually while we’re listening to our four-year-old daughter, Lexi, play her keyboard and sing.  In addition to a nursery for a precious baby, there is plenty of room in our home for family to stay when they come to visit, which happens frequently. We often joke that our home is like a Bed and Breakfast to family and friends.

Our Family…

John is one of fifteen brothers and sisters and his parents, both Irish Catholic, have ten and eleven siblings each so our extended family is very large and very diverse.  John has one adopted brother and three adopted nephews, so the positive message of adoption, acceptance, family, and love is inherent within our families.  His family mostly lives in Minnesota, and every summer, the family has a Golf Tournament ‘reunion’ with more than three hundred family participants.  It’s such a fun event and includes a costume contest and lunch, so it’s a great way to keep in touch with everyone.  John’s adult children, Ashlee and Brandon, both live and work in Minnesota.  However, they are very close to us and come to visit at least twice a year in addition to talking or texting regularly. Ashlee was a professional nanny but is now a business executive, and Brandon runs a community program for foster children in St Paul; so both have a lot experience with children, love to spoil Lexi, and will be great mentors to a new brother or sister.   Leigh is one of three girls, and while her family is not as large, they are all very close.  Leigh’s mother lives with us and is plays an active role in Lexi’s life and is excited to welcome another grandbaby to love and spoil.  There’s nothing like the love of a grandma!  The rest of Leigh’s family lives in both Ohio and Colorado and they visit us frequently in Florida.  When family is in town, we enjoy going to the beach or driving down to the Florida Keys to snorkel or kayak. We also enjoy traveling to our favorite Disney theme parks.  I guess we’re still kids at heart!

Our Journey to Adoption…

What connected us when we met was having similar beliefs about what constitutes family. We knew we wanted to start a family together and discussed both natural conception and adoption.  John knows the joys of being a father and Leigh has been looking forward to being a mother for such a long time, so we went through 4 years of fertility treatments and finally asked ourselves one day why we were continuing with it.  We both felt the same way about adoption…that having biological children was not important to us and would not impact our love for a child.   Our daughter Lexi is such a sweet, happy and outgoing little girl and is so excited to be a big sister.  Since we both have siblings, we know how unique and special those types of relationships are which is why we are so excited to expand our family.    So we have started on this incredible journey again of being matched with someone that would be willing to entrust us with their baby.

Fun Facts…

Name:  John

Occupation: Regional Manager

Education: High School

Favorite Food: Pizza from Minnesota

Favorite Hobby: Golfing

Favorite Movie: Couples Retreat

Favorite Holiday: St Patrick’s Day

Favorite TV Show: Deadliest Catch

Favorite Activity: Golfing with the family

Hidden Talent:  Cooking- Gourmet Chef

Guilty Pleasure: Candy- Swedish Fish


Name: Leigh

Occupation:  Real Estate Director for FL

Education:  Bachelor & Master’s degrees in Business

Favorite Food: Spicy Jambalaya

Favorite Hobby: Piano playing

Favorite Movie:  All Hallmark Movies

Favorite Holiday: Christmas!! We go all out!

Favorite TV Show: The Voice

Favorite Activity: Golfing with John & Lexi

Hidden Talent:  Painting

Guilty Pleasure: Glazed Donuts


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