Julie & Robert
Status: Adopted


Dear Birthparent…

Life sometimes takes unexpected turns and we are faced with difficult decisions. This must be a very challenging time for you. We cannot even imagine the choices you are faced with right now. You are very selfless and courageous to consider adoption for your baby. It is true love to put the needs of your child above your own. We promise we will adore this child and give him or her every opportunity possible for a happy and successful life. We will honor his or her beginnings and heritage and also teach them ours.  We have a daughter we adopted three years ago who is the joy in our lives. She knows she’s adopted and feels loved every minute of every day. We are waiting for a new little someone to make our family complete.


Julie and Robert

About Us…

Robert and I became best friends in high school. Eventually our love grew and we became boyfriend and girlfriend in college. I was studying psychology and nursing and he was studying speech therapy. Even from the beginning, Robert and I  wanted to have children together. We both love being around kids. I volunteered at a children’s hospital in high school and in a children’s psychology clinic in college. I am a nurse and currently work with adult and pediatric patients. Robert also loves kids. He is a speech therapist and worked with children during his studies. We had many hobbies like photography, diving and kayaking but playing with our daughter Ava is the most fun so far! It is so funny to watch Robert turn into a big kid when he is with our daughter. Robert is definitely the strong one in the family. He is our protector! But if anyone is feeling under the weather, mommy nurse comes to the rescue!

Our Home and Pets…

We have a very kid friendly home in a gated community. Our house is fully child proof and we have an adorable nursery waiting for our special new arrival. Our daughter loves playing in our backyard that faces a nature preserve. We get to see all kinds of tropical birds, butterflies and sometimes even bunnies! Lily and Chloe are our two rescue dogs that absolutely love kids. We live in the kind of place where you see children coloring on sidewalks with chalk and biking all the time. We have a lot of fun playgrounds in our neighborhood and a giant community pool! It’s such a fun place to raise a family!

Our Family…

We are so blessed that we have all our extended family living in the same area. Everyone is very supportive of our decision to adopt. They are our cheerleaders in our adoption journey. They have truly accepted our adopted daughter Ava without question or hesitation. Our daughter Ava sees her grandparents every week. They adore her! They actually have arguments over who is going to play with her next. I have a brother with a wife and two talented kids. My nephew loves baseball and my niece plays the viola. Ava loves to spend time with her cousins and goes wild playing with them. Robert has two brothers, Jason and Andrew. She loves them both but is not shy to say Jason is her favorite. Maybe it’s because he knows the words to the Bubble Guppies theme song! All our grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins can’t wait to welcome a new baby into our family.

Our Journey to Adoption…

We had planned on having one biological child and one through adoption. We built our lives around this plan. We learned that having biological children was not possible without extensive fertility treatments. The physicians told us that we could try fertility treatments but that they would most likely end in miscarriages. We could not bear the thought of trying to bring a life into the world only to lose him or her. We took this as a sign that this path was just not meant to be. We were relieved after making the decision to forego medical interventions and start our journey into adoption. We were blessed with our first adopted child Ava. She was born in Arizona and we took the first flight out the moment we found out she was going to be born. We were so fortunate to be able to hold her in our arms within her first day of life. She is the most amazing little girl. We feel so lucky to have her. However, our journey does not feel complete. It is our dream to have two children that can love and support each other throughout their lives. We feel that this is especially true  for an adopted child. Being an adoptee is truly a unique experience. We feel that our children will have a special bond by sharing this experience with each other. It is our hope to adopt another little baby to welcome into our loving family. Ava is the most excited of all to be a big sister 🙂

Fun Facts…

Name: Julie

Occupation: Registered Nurse

Education: B.A. Psychology BSN Nursing

Favorite Food: Chips and Salsa

Favorite Hobby: Gardening

Favorite Movie: The Lego Movie

Favorite Holiday: Christmas!

Favorite TV Show: Modern Family

Favorite Activity: Spending time with the family

Hidden Talent: Calming babies

Guilty Pleasure: Watching funny animal videos


Name: Robert

Occupation: Speech Language Pathologist

Education: Masters in Speech Pathology

Favorite Food: Ice Cream

Favorite Hobby: Working Out

Favorite Movie: Blade Runner

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite TV Show: Westworld

Favorite Activity: Spending time with Ava and Julie

Hidden Talent: Photography

Guilty Pleasure: Social Media


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