Lindsay & Kelly
Status: Still Looking


Dear Birthparent…

We are Lindsay and Kellie, from Central Florida. We have a life filled with lots of love and adventures and we hope we can share it with a little one! 

We truly appreciate you taking the time to consider us as potential parents. The decision you’re making must be incredibly hard for you, and we wanted to thank you for being so courageous.  Whether you choose us or not, we know you’ll make some family extremely happy.

If you allow us the opportunity to complete our family we promise to you that this child will be loved unconditionally.  He or she will be raised in a happy home filled with encouragement, nurturing, respect, values, and everything needed to succeed in life.  

We promise you that you’ll be proud of the person they become and that we will always be grateful for the incredible choice you made.

About Us…

We met through a shared love of photography, Kellie had a wedding photography business and Lindsay had a career in Skydiving Photography.  A few years later we decided to get married, and had a beautiful small ceremony up in Black Mountain, NC.  Our wedding party was our 2 dogs, Tyson and Koa – who had a blast playing the the snow that day.  We have been married for 6 years now. Life is still filled with as much love and as many adventures as it was 9 years ago.  Running our own photography business gives us the unique opportunity to make our own schedule and to make sure fun and travel is always included.  Our life statement is “Do what makes you happy!”, and we stick to that every day (well, most days!)

Our Home and Pets…

We found the perfect home for us in 2017.  We have a large porch over looking the lake, and some paddleboards we take out there. The house has so much space for fun, from sitting outside watching the sunrise, to playing pool and ping pong in the front room.  


We have 2 dogs,  Tyson is a 14 year old white lab mix.  He’s basically human and seems to speak english.  He’s the smartest dog that ever existed – and I’m pretty sure he has us trained.


Koa is a 9 year old lab mix, She’s the opposite to Ty, she’s younger, the opposite color, and totally silly.  She’s 100% dog and we love her for it. Our furry kiddos couldn’t be more different and thats why we love them so much. 

Our Family…

Lindsay is from the UK and her parents and brother still live there.  They come to visit for a month each year, staying with us.  Her parents retired and now spend time traveling and enjoying life.  Mum still inspires us into her 70’s and Dad is the funniest Dad anyone could ask for, and still crack us up.


Kellie has a huge extended family in Central Florida.  Her Mom and Dad live just 20 minutes away and we regularly meet up either at home, or any place that sells tacos.  This family LOVES tacos.  Her brother lives close by with his wife and 3 kids.  After adopting a child himself Cory has been a great source of information and support for this process.  Family holidays normally involve a huge gathering of 20+ people, all gathered around one big table sharing food and stories.

Our Journey to Adoption…

Neither of us were people who imagined having kids when we were in our 20’s.  We spent all of our time and effort on creating the best business we could, and using our free time to travel the world.  You hit your 30’s and I guess things change.  We have settled down, bought a nice house, achieved a successful business, travelled the world, and lived so many of the life experiences we were looking for.  


Since I was a kid I always thought the best way to become a parent was through adoption, I just didn’t realize that fast forward 20 years it would be our turn.  We see our friends and family raising their kids and we KNOW that it’s something that we too want to be able to do.  It’s our next great adventure and we are finally in a situation to be the best parents we can be.

Fun Facts…

Name: Lindsay

Occupation: Photographer

Education: BSC Biology

Favorite Food: Mash Potatoes

Favorite Hobby: Mountain Biking

Favorite Movie: James Bond

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite TV Show: Great British Baking Show

Favorite Activity: Road Tripping!

Hidden Talent: Dog trainer

Guilty Pleasure: Binge watching Netflix 


Name: Kellie

Occupation: Photographer

Education: BA Communications

Favorite Food: Tacos

Favorite Hobby: Drawing

Favorite Movie: Indiana Jones

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite TV Show: Anything Gordon Ramsey

Favorite Activity: Mountain Biking

Hidden Talent: Baking

Guilty Pleasure:  Doughnuts