Nicole & Patrick
Status: Still Looking


Dear Birthparent…

We are Patrick and Nicole! Thank you for getting to know us – we are excited to get to know you as well. Family is so important to us. Your child will grow up surrounded with cousins to play with, loving grandmothers and amazing aunts and uncles. From Easter egg hunts, to hayrides at the pumpkin patch, to special birthday celebrations, to annual family vacations, we have so many traditions we cannot wait to share with this little one.

Our family has been praying for all of us (including you) as we navigate adoption. Please know that your sacrifice will never be lost on us. We love you so much already. Our hearts have longed for the day we get to meet you and the amazing child you are bringing into this world. We would love to have you remain involved in our lives if you desire it as well. We also understand that this is an important, challenging, and very personal decision and it’s okay if you don’t want that, don’t know how you feel about it, or if it changes over time. We will always honor you in our home and your child will know how special they are to be loved by multiple families. We are grateful that you would consider us as you plan for your future.

With love and appreciation,

Patrick and Nicole

About Us…

We met in San Francisco in May of 2014. A friend introduced us long-distance earlier that year. Our first date was love at first sight, a romantic story like the ones you read about. We were married in March of 2015. We knew early on that we wanted to build a family. We welcomed our son Nicholas to our family in April of 2016. Nicholas brings joy to our lives every day. We’re hopeful to share this same joy with another child soon.


PATRICK by Nicole: Patrick grew up in Northern Kentucky with six brothers and sisters. He was raised Catholic and attended Catholic schools. His favorite activities were playing music and tennis. He enjoyed music so much that he dropped out of college to pursue his dream of playing in a punk rock band. After a couple years, he thought it might be interesting to give school a second chance. He moved to California and earned his Ph.D. Patrick now works remotely as a software engineer for a large tech company based in San Francisco. He loves his work and is happy to be able to work from home. Patrick is genuinely good natured and has a natural way of making friends with anyone in the room. He is one of the smartest people I’ve known. Watching Patrick share his passions of cooking and music with Nicholas melts my heart. Patrick is a big kid at heart. It is so cute to hear Patrick get into full character with funny voices while reading Nicholas bedtime stories. Patrick is a huge foodie! Patrick is very accomplished professionally. He leads by example by being the hardest working person I’ve met, treating others with respect, and always staying generous and humble.


NICOLE by Patrick: Nicole grew up in Southwest Florida. Before starting our family, she was in sales for new home development. Some of the things she enjoys are baking, beach walks and riding her bike. She really enjoys surprising people with homemade treats. Nicole is a loving and nurturing wife and mother. She finds ways to fill Nick’s days with activities that help develop, educate, and foster social interactions with other children. Whether it’s going to the children’s museum for hands on activities, my gym, or snuggling up and reading books, she makes sure that Nicholas knows how special he is and that he is unconditionally loved. Her smile and laugh brighten up a room. I love her playful sense of humor. She has a natural sense of discernment to identify the needs of others; these are some of the qualities that make her such an amazing wife and mother. She’s a selfless person who is always making sure the needs of others are met before her own.


Our Home and Pets…

Our home is lovley with a fenced backyard and pool. Our upstairs loft is dedicated as a play area. But what really makes our home special is the memories that are being made in it. At any given time you will find a game sprawled out on the coffee table, stuffed animals lining the couch, two sweet dogs wagging their tails waiting to sit in your lap, children’s books hiding under the sheets and Nicholas’s artwork hanging on the fridge. Nicholas is usually running through the house dressed up as Iron Man creating his next mission or playing in his tee-pee making pretend S’mores with his Sonic the Hedgehog buddies. There is a lot of laughter, a lot of music, dancing and a lot of love. This is what makes our house a home.


We are a large but close knit community and feel lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful families with tons of children to play with. We love spending active time together at our clubhouse. No matter the time of year, there is always fun to be had with planned neighborhood activities. Pancakes with Santa was the coolest activity yet. The sidewalks and nature trails make it a great neighborhood for bike rides and to enjoy the outdoors. Seeing the wild bunnies hopping around while exploring is a family favorite. Our town has great parks, beaches, museums, sporting events, shows, zoo’s and farmers’ markets. Our town is a wonderful place to raise a family.

Our Family…

With two loving grandma’s, eight sets of aunts and uncles and seventeen cousins there is always lots of excitement to be had. Nicole’s mom, Jean lives just 15 minutes away. She comes over often to play with Nicholas. She makes a handmade Christmas stocking for each grandchild and crochets each new baby their own baby blanket. Nicholas loves decorating Christmas cookies with Grandma Jean and doing crafts together. Patrick’s mom, Dorothy lives about 40 minutes from us. She loves hosting holiday’s for both sides of the family, planning family vacations and always has special treats on hand for Nicholas when we visit. We often load up the dogs and head over to Grandma Dorothy’s for a fun day of swimming and dinner outside. We have many amazing friends who feel like family to us that live close. We love hosting bbq’s or dinners and watching all the kids play together. Our families are thrilled to welcome a new member to the crew!

Our Journey to Adoption…

Adoption is a calling that has been written on our hearts since we were both young adults. We always knew that if we had the means, we would be honored to be part of such a beautiful story. This overwhelming desire is what has led us here to you. We believe God brings families together through adoption and we’re excited for this to be part of our plan.

Fun Facts…

Name: Patrick

Occupation: Software Engineer

Education: P.h.D

Favorite Food: Skyline chilli / Goetta

Favorite Hobby: Music

Favorite Movie: The Big Lebowski

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite TV Show: Rick and Morty

Favorite Activity: Running

Hidden Talent: Making amazing barista style coffee

Guilty Pleasure: Donut Sunday’s


Name: Nicole

Occupation: Stay at home mother

Education: Some College

Favorite Food: Grilled salmon and veggies

Favorite Hobby: Baking

Favorite Movie: Steel Magnolias

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite TV Show: HGTV renovation shows

Favorite Activity: Family bike rides

Hidden Talent: Party planner / Matchmaker

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate