Abortion Alternatives in Phoenix and Mesa, AZ

Are you pregnant with a baby you weren’t expecting or aren’t prepared to care for? If you’re not in a position to raise a child, you may be wondering about your options. And while abortion is legal in the state of Arizona, you may not want to pursue this option.

If you’re looking for abortion alternatives in the Phoenix, AZ area, consider having your baby adopted. At Arizona Adoption Help, we work with birthmothers to place babies with loving families who are ready, willing, and excited to bring home a new baby. We understand going through a pregnancy can be difficult both emotionally and physically. Our goal is to make the experience of placing your baby for adoption the most positive it can be.

Why Choose Adoption?

Every expectant parent has their own unique circumstances. You may not be comfortable with terminating a pregnancy, or you may not be able to afford this option. Adoption is one option birthmothers have when faced with a pregnancy they may not be prepared for. There are many misconceptions about adoption and we are here to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about the future of your baby.

Also, you don’t need to worry about medical or legal expenses. We will help you apply for public health insurance, and many adoptive families are able to cover the medical expenses of a birthmother. All legal services and counseling services are free to birthmothers in the state of Arizona. Adoption is a good choice for birthmothers who have limited financial means and are unable to raise a child or explore other options such as abortion.

How Does It Work?

Arizona Adoption Help can start by simply explaining the process to you. If you are interested in evaluating the pros and cons of your options, whether it be an abortion, parenting, or placing your child in a loving and stable home, we have an independent, licensed counselor you can meet with. From there, the process is simple to getting you the help you need during your pregnancy and following delivery. Our eight-step process details how we keep your needs at the forefront of everything we do. 

You can decide what type of family you want for the baby. Arizona Adoption Help has connections with other attorneys nationwide, so we have plenty of prospective families to choose from — and all families have been approved through court testing. Then, you can decide what kind of relationship you want with the adoptive family. Whether it be phone or Skype calls or meeting in person, we set up your communication with the family how you want it to look. An adoption doesn’t end when the baby is born. You can receive updates and watch your baby as they grow in the future.

To learn more about your abortion alternatives in the Phoenix, AZ area, contact Arizona Adoption Help today. We are available 24/7. You can call (602) 2719899 or text (602) 3191173.