Arizona Adoption Law

Arizona has a number of laws in place to help protect Birthparents and their children in an adoption. Knowing your rights under Arizona adoption law is key to protecting yourself and your baby during this time.

Rights of the Birthparents and Child

As a Birthmother it is your right to decide the level of involvement you wish to have with your baby and your baby’s adoptive parents. If you wish, you may remain anonymous. It is, however, adoption policy for non-identifying information that may be needed for the safety of the child, such as health records, to be disclosed to either the adoptive parents or the child should the need arise.


You also have the right to keep in contact with your child. While you are making the brave decision to turn the responsibility of caring for your baby over to loving adoptive parents, you do not need to say goodbye forever.


You and your child have the right to a healthy pregnancy and a healthy start in the world. If you are in need, Arizona adoption laws let adoptive parents give reasonable support to the Birthmother during the pregnancy. This may include food, medical expenses, rent and basic necessities. You may also qualify for help directly from the State at this time. As an Arizona adoption attorney, Thomas Underwood can help you properly and legally apply for the financial aid you need.


The father of your child has rights too. If he chooses to claim paternity, his consent is needed to put your child up for adoption. If there are any disputes or misunderstandings between your child’s father and you, counseling is a good option. If the father of your child cannot be contacted, or denies paternity, his consent is not required for adoption; though he will be contacted about the adoption process should his whereabouts be known.


Your adoption, your consent. Nothing is finalized in an adoption until the final adoption papers are signed 72 hours after the birth of a baby. You have up until this time to change your mind. Once the final documentation is signed, your decision is irrevocable and your child is legally under the custody and responsibility of his or her new family.


If you need help interpreting Arizona adoption law or the Arizona adoption process, please contact Thomas Underwood for legal advice and consulting at no charge to you.