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Your Own Adoption Team

We love our work and are honored to be involved with our wonderful birthmothers during their adoption journey. We will work closely with you to provide the legal representation, personal attention and moral support you need during and following your pregnancy. 

Attorney Thomas Underwood

Attorney Thomas Underwood is a private adoption attorney that will legally represent you and protect your rights, making certain your plan to build a family for your baby proceeds exactly as you wish. He works with attorneys who represent certified, prospective families and will help match you and your baby with the perfect family. Attorney Underwood began work with adoptions early in his career as a legal apprentice with Arizona Adoption Help. He went on to receive his Juris Doctor in Law and took over the Arizona Adoption Help law practice in 2016. More than your attorney, he is a grounded and sensitive advocate for our Birthmothers. His experience with Birthmothers, their babies, adoptive families and the hospital staff during an adoption has instilled in him a very attentive approach to every client’s needs. While many adoption service providers do not provide the opportunity to meet with your legal representation, Attorney Underwood will take the time to guide you through this legal process in person.
Kerry Moore - Arizona Adoption Help

Adoption Consultant Kerry Moore

Kerry Moore began practicing law in 1976 and founded Arizona Adoption Help 35 years ago after realizing her particular interest in protecting the rights of birthmothers. She is highly familiar with the laws pertaining to adoption and has contributed to the creation of nearly 1,800 families through Arizona Adoption Help. After serving the Arizona community as a family and adoption lawyer for forty years, Kerry retired in 2016 but continues to work as a legal consultant. A mother of eight, she is very involved with her own children’s life planning and has great respect and admiration for any woman who places her baby’s needs above her own and who chooses to create a family for the baby she loves.
Kim Jackson - Arizona Adoption Help

Adoption Director Kim Jackson

Kim Jackson oversees each Birthmother’s adoption plan to ensure they are confident and comfortable throughout the entire process. She will work with you to design an adoption plan that best suites your wants and needs during this special time in your pregnancy. From your very first phone call to receiving updates and pictures of your child far into the future, Kim will be here every step of the way. She is always available to hear your story and provide the emotional support and help you need to maintain a stable and healthy living situation. A mother of two, Kim understands the desire to provide your child with the best possible life and honors your decision to choose that life.

Counselor Kris Bergin

Kris Bergin is a licensed professional counselor in the state of Arizona and has guided Birthmothers at Arizona Adoption Help for the past twenty years. She is an independent counselor with extensive experience in the adoption process and will objectively help you evaluate your decision of whether or not to place your child for adoption. If matched with an adoptive family, Kris facilitates the relationship with the family, often guiding phone calls and being there with you if you decide to meet the adoptive family in person. Sometimes the birth of a baby and subsequent hospital stay can seem daunting doing an adoption, but Kris counsels pregnant Birthmoms well in advance to prepare a birthing plan and can serve as care partner in the hospital. An adoptive mother herself, she has immense respect for the journey you are going through and is here to help you navigate this emotional time.

Birthmom and Baby Support Alisa Shevalier

Alisa Shevalier does the work she does because her heart is invested in helping birthmothers and their babies experience the most positive adoption journey possible. A very gentle and giving person, she is the perfect support during your most sensitive times. She enjoys working with hospital and nursing staff to make sure your stay proceeds smoothly and with you in mind. At your and the adoptive family’s request, she can even put her professional photography skills to use and capture your most special moments in the hospital. Also our resident nanny, Alisa cares for babies during those rare times an adoptive family is not present at baby’s discharge. Her greatest joy is sharing in the love and support that all members of the adoption process have for birthmothers and their children.
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