Ana & Carlos
Status: Adopted


Dear Birthparent…

We want to first off say thank you for considering adoption. We understand that this is a very difficult and uneasy decision.  However we want you to know that we will be with you every step of the process. We are very excited about the prospect of growing our family through adoption. 

We can only imagine that creating an adoption plan for your child must be a difficult. Your decision requires a lot of courage and strength. We are incredibly grateful that we might be of consideration as the perfect fit and future family for your child.

About Us…

We are a fun loving couple that met in Southwest Florida in 2005. We began dating and realized our similar loves and beliefs in family, culture, love for food, fondness of dogs and travel began our 13 year journey into our forever marriage. We both enjoyed very successful careers in the food and beverage industry. Our favorite activities mainly revolve around being outdoors and spending time with our dogs. Together we love to experience new places and cultures and foods!!

We have a strong partnership, and unconditional love for each other.


Our Home and Pets…

We currently reside in a gated community in beautiful southwest Florida with our two dogs, Mr. Wilson 5 year old coonhound and Mrs Gracie Kelly 10  year old beagle. They are both great with kids, family and friends and spend most of their time sleeping peacefully around the house. We live in a spacious 4 bedroom home that we always saw our family “growing into”. Its a beautiful, quiet and safe neighborhood with a great family feel. 

Our Family…

We come from a very large blended family of mixed cultures and races. We have direct connection to adoption process as Carlos’ father himself was adopted to a family.  Our families together have created strong bonds even through language barriers and distances between us. We have a large network of friends that stem from childhood friends to new acquaintances and work associates. We love family gatherings and spending time with the ones we love.

Our Journey to Adoption…

We have always dreamed of filling our home with children. Our struggles with infertility over the years has led us down a path of adoption. We are excited to welcome a child into our home and family and will do without hesitation to a child of any gender, race or ethnicity. Your child will be raised with a strong emotional foundation. Raising a child to be kind and trustworthy. Have a connection with animals. Build strong lifelong relationships, laugh often and follow his/her passion and dreams.

Fun Facts…

Name: Carlos

Occupation: Executive Chef

Education: High School

Favorite Food: Authentic Tacos

Favorite Hobby: Fishing

Favorite Movie: A Few Good Men

Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving

Favorite TV Show: Entourage

Favorite Activity: Anything Outdoors

Hidden Talent: Good Basketball player

Guilty Pleasure: Food


Name: Ana

Occupation: House Wife

Education: Some College

Favorite Food: Linguine and Clams

Favorite Hobby: Sewing

Favorite Movie: Sense and Sensibility 

Favorite Holiday: Christmas 

Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones

Favorite Activity: Reading Historical Books 

Hidden Talent: History buff

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate