Kimberly & Scott
Status: Adopted

Dear Birthparent…

Thank you for taking the time to consider adoption.  We can appreciate that this must be a very difficult time for you, and that you only want the best for your baby.  We respect you, and admire your courage and strength in taking this initial step.  We are both very open people, and would be happy to get to know you, and to share more about ourselves too. Please know that as adoptive parents, we plan to be open, honest, respectful, sensitive, and positive when speaking to our children about each of their birth parents.  We will explain that you made your decision lovingly & thoughtfully, and would be forever grateful for your decision. Once again, thank you for considering adoption.  We wish you all the best in your journey.  Warmest regards, Kimberly & Scott

About Us…

We met unexpectedly at a crowded restaurant in November, 2004.  We spent the night talking, and solidifying the start of a meaningful relationship.  We celebrated our beautiful wedding day on July 4, 2009.  As a couple, we’ve been through a lot together, both good times (the adoption of our daughter Lila), and bad times (three miscarriages), and feel that our relationship is stronger than ever, because we faced it all as a couple. Kimberly’s personality is warm, compassionate, energetic, fun-loving, outgoing, friendly, intelligent, and family-oriented. Kimberly loves being physically active, and is very youthful and athletic.  She excelled in school, and has her Master’s Degree, and currently works in the healthcare industry. Scott’s personality is outgoing, friendly, funny, intelligent, hardworking, dependable, caring, and family-oriented. Scott has a love of science, astronomy, and history.  He has a Bachelor’s Degree, and owns a successful real estate business. Our daughter Lila is a highly energetic, sweet, loving, and hilariously funny three year old.  She is a very nurturing little girl, who would be a proud and wonderful big sister.

Our Home and Pets…

We own a large 3 bedroom/2 bathroom home in a small community just outside a large city.  The area is made up of many young and diverse families.  We have one of the top school systems in our State.  Our home is located near several parks, museums, aquarium, zoo, and major sports venues. We own a colorful, friendly, and amazing bird named Sprite.  She is a small parrot (specifically a Jenday Conure).  We’ve had her since she was a baby.  She is now 12 years old, and has a life expectancy of 30 years!

Our Family…

Family plays a huge role in our lives.  We are both blessed to come from such loving homes & close-knit families.  Our family members are very supportive regarding adoption, and are actively involved in our lives.  We see them all quite often.  The kids are all close in age ranging from 18 months to 9 years old, and love playing together.  Everyone looks forward to growing our family, adding to our holiday celebrations, sleep-overs, birthday parties, and family gatherings.  We also have a wonderful network of really great friends, all of whom are supportive of our decision to adopt.

Our Journey to Adoption…

We were both always open to the avenue of adoption, and then after four years of unexplained infertility, including three miscarriages, adoption gave us hope, along with the ability to begin building our family.  We even started out with a lot of positive connections to the world of adoption too.  In fact, our sister-in-law was adopted from Korea with her biological siblings.  We have a circle of friends who have adopted as well. Scott also has a dear friend who was a Social Worker at an adoption agency for several years.  She helped introduce us to the process.

Adoption led us to our daughter Lila, in January, 2015.  We’re so excited to continue expanding our family now, and for Lila to have a sibling with whom to grow up.  We truly believe that adoption was meant to be our path to having children, and we look forward to going on the journey again for the second time.

Fun Facts…

Name:  Kimberly

Occupation:  Clinical Liaison for a Skilled Nursing & Rehab Facility

Education:  Master’s Degree of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling

Favorite Food:  Pizza, Sushi

Favorite Hobby:  Listening to music

Favorite Movie:  The Shawshank Redemption

Favorite Holiday:  Thanksgiving

Favorite TV Show:  This is Us

Favorite Activity:  Any time with family & friends

Hidden Talent:  I can walk on my hands!

Guilty Pleasure:  A good nap!


Name:  Scott

Occupation:  Principal Owner of 3 Real Estate Offices (and works as an active agent)

Education:  Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Public Relations

Favorite Food:  Lobster, Hot Dogs

Favorite Hobby:  Reading

Favorite Movie:  Casablanca

Favorite Holiday:  Hanukkah & Christmas (our families celebrate both)

Favorite TV Show:  This is Us, Big Bang Theory

Favorite Activity:  Dining out with family & friends

Hidden Talent:  I make a mean Thanksgiving stuffing!

Guilty Pleasure:  Watching Judge Judy