Angie & Kali
Status: Adopted


Dear Birthparent…

We want to express our gratitude to you for reading our profile and considering the gift of adoption for your child. We feel so fortunate to have crossed your path. While we do not know the circumstances that have led you to consider adoption, we are honored and humbled that you are considering us to be parents for this child. We recognize this is an enormous decision, and we wish strength for you as you move forward with whatever you decide. We promise that this child will know how much you love them. This child will know from the very beginning that they were adopted. This child will know their adoption story and will be proud of where they came from and how they became a part of our family. We promise to honor you as part of how we came to be a family. We promise to keep you regularly updated via pictures, emails, and phone calls. And most of all, we promise to love this child with our whole selves and devote our lives to this child’s happiness and wellbeing. We can’t wait to share their milestones, successes and joys with you. We have deep admiration for your love for this child in considering adoption. As you prepare to make this important decision, we want you to know that we are excitedly ready and waiting to welcome a child into our home, wrapping them with love and support. Children are one of God’s greatest blessings, and we look forward to the opportunity to embrace this child into our home and lives. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We admire you for your courage and commitment to this child, we wish peace, love and strength for you in the future.

About Us…

We met working together at Waterville Valley Resort, Town Square in Waterville Valley, NH. After dating and being great friends for three years, we married and have been married five years. We make each other laugh and over the years we have shared so many fun times together! We have also built a solid foundation for our marriage, which enables us to face difficult challenges together.

Kali was born and raised in New Hampshire, and was excited to find a location to settle by her hometown. She earned her Master’s Degree in International Hospitality Business from Southern New Hampshire University. Working in the hospitality business for years in many aspects, Kali have found my dream job! She is a wedding and events coordinator, which has become a passion of hers to help people for such a special time in their lives! Kali absolutely loves skiing, hiking, and traveling. On days off during the summer, you can surly find her at either the lake or the river!

Angie was born in upstate New York, but grew up in Northern New Hampshire with her Mom, Dad, older brother Rick, and older sister Kristie. She earned her Licensed Nursing Assistant degree from the American Red Cross and worked with many clients both in their homes and at nursing facilities. Angie’smost favorite, yet most heartbreaking, was a 13 year old boy with cerebral palsy. When he passed away from his illness, she decided that she needed a bit of a break from that work, and started working as the head of housekeeping for a local inn. Angie enjoys spending time outside doing yard work or just being at the river, traveling, being creative, cooking and cleaning! On days off she loves to be at the lake or just be at home hanging out with the animals!

Our Home and Pets…

In February, 2017 we bought our home. We chose the area preparing for children with a large yard in a close-knit community, with the school, playground, and all of our favorite activities being in the White Mountains very close to us! We have three pets: Augusta a 9 month old Chocolate Lab, Hazel & Coal our 10 year old brother and sister cats! Our pets are wonderful companions for us. They are patient and gentle with each other as well as any guests we have in our home. We know they will be the best siblings to a child!

Our Family…

After loosing Angie’s Brother & Dad, and many other extended family members passing away as well as Kali’s Mom in the middle of Leukemia treatments, we have realized even more how family is central to our lives. Whether it’s the family we grew up with or the family we’ve built, we are blessed to have such a loving and supportive community around us as we build our family through adoption. Everyone around us, especially our parents are excited about our plans to build our family! They can’t wait to spoil this little child with love, attention, and support.

Our Journey to Adoption…

After a two – year struggle with infertility, we abandoned that path and eagerly answered the call to adoption. We have so much love and light to share with a child, and we know that we will shower any child in our home with unconditional love and support. Whether we’re dancing like fools in our kitchen while cooking or skiing in the mountains, we love to have fun and laugh together. We love to crack jokes with each other, play with the dog and go for walks in the woods. We’re looking forward to sharing these with a child and discovering new passions with him or her. We are looking forward to fostering these interests and helping guiding this child through life to grow to his or her full potential. When we imagine our life with a child, we think of everything we dream of for him or her. We see apple picking while enjoying the New England fall foliage. We imagine the dog romping around a swing set.

Fun Facts…

Name: Kalinda (Kali)
Occupation: Senior Catering Sales Manager (Wedding & Events Manager)Education: 2 Associates degrees, 1 bachelor’s degree, 1 master’s degreeFavorite Food: Pizza!

Favorite Hobby: Yardwork Favorite Movie: Top Gun Favorite Holiday: Christmas Favorite TV Show: NCIS Favorite Activity: Skiing Hidden Talent: Baking Guilty Pleasure: Organizing

Name: Angie
Occupation: Housekeeping Manager Education: LNA Certificate
Favorite Food: Garlic Triskets Favorite Hobby: Fishing
Favorite Movie: Stand By Me Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite TV Show: Survivor
Favorite Activity: Hiking
Hidden Talent: Singing!
Guilty Pleasure: Eating Bacon!