Brenton & Tron
Status: Still Looking


Dear Birthparent…

Dear Mother / Birthparents Thank you for letting us show you a small glimpse inside of our life. Your child will always know where they come from and the sacrifices you made to give them a better life no matter what the situation was.

They will know how strong and brave you truly are is you are a strong remarkable human being who put their child’s needs above her own in order to give us a gay couple a chance to love honor and cherish your child.

They will know that they are truly and utterly loved and to know that they are in a world of love and acceptance with us and for them to be perfectly content on being who they truly are and not worrying about winning others approval of not wishing they were someone else but perfectly content on being who you (They) are Someone who is unique, free, and rare and fearless to achieve everything and anything they want   in life.

About Us…

Tron and I met in summer of 1997 and have been together ever since. We are legally married been together for a total of 24 years back in the day when there was no swing apps or swipe right just good ol’ fashion AOL chatrooms. Tron works for IBM as a Senior IT Architect and I own my own Event and party planning company that specializing in throwing amazing events both private and live public event from Nite club events, to weddings birthdays and anniversary celebrations and so much more. Tron is such a kind and passionate soul he takes everything and person he encounters with the up most respect and love.

Brenton is a Kidstar / jokester always looking on the brighter things of

life. Not afraid to take chances and to love whole heartedly.

We enjoy outdoors, camping, hiking, movie’s home renovations. gardening and board games cooking, movies and so much more.

Our Home and Pets…

We have 3 beautiful rescues German Shepards Mandi, Milo, Gambit, that are certified as emotional support and therapy dogs and licensed. We also have a rescue Kitty named Promise

We have A beautiful 4 bedroom and 2.5 bath home here in central Florida on a ½ acre of land we take pride in home renovations and Brenton is  in his garden where he grows herbs, fruits and vegetables. We love decorating for All holidays especially for Halloween inside and outside of the house and yard. We have been on this journey and are excited to share our home with a new baby your baby. (Also we have a beautiful nursery that my husband Brenton designed which is done in a wildlife forest theme.)


Our Family…

We have a wide connected family base of friends and family member We being a gay couple realize that you family are your friends Tron and I have 6 God children, Tron has a sister mother and father AND family who all live in the neighborhood within 5 miles, I have several cousins and I have a very large family in Wi and Florida it consists of 5 siblings 2 brothers 3 sisters. And extended ray of Aunts and uncles and cousins.

All friends that we are close with and their children we interact with.  Call us by our Nick names we are known to them as Gunkle’s (gay uncles) Tron and Brenton.


Our Journey to Adoption…

5 years ago, we were faced with the tragic Tragedy of Pulse Night Club Shooting here in Orlando fl. We decided shortly after processing this ordeal that we wanted to start our family.  We have tried surrogacy and have had a devastating and tragic experience. We have decided to now pursue the Private Adoption Result. We feel in our minds and our hearts after celebrating 24 plus years together that we are more now committed to starting the family process more now than ever. Time is now Time is ours.

Fun Facts…

Name:  Tron

Occupation:  IBM Architect

Education: Bachelor’s degree

Favorite Food: shrimp alfredo and pizza

Favorite Hobby: Model planes and Cars

Favorite Movie: Tron, back to the future

Favorite Holiday:  Christmas

Favorite TV Show: knight rider, star trek,swat

Favorite Activity: reading

Hidden Talent: plays the Saxaphone

Guilty Pleasure: your fur babies


Name: Brenton

Occupation: Event Coordinator

Education: Bachelor’s degree

Favorite Food: Fried chicken and Cherry pie

Favorite Hobby: crafting and decorating

Favorite Movie: Beaches

Favorite Holiday:  Halloween

Favorite TV Show: Golden Girls, Alice, Dynasty

Favorite Activity: reading

Hidden Talent:    pogo ball champion

Guilty Pleasure:    chocolate covered popcorn