Emily & Micky
Status: Matched


Dear Birthparent…

Thank you! We are Emily and Micky. We are so excited and ready to be parents. We respect you and your love for your child. We will honor your choice with a lifelong commitment to provide a loving home. We want our child to have a strong sense of who they are and want to be as giving and open as possible. We believe there is no such thing as too much love.

As teachers, we have flexible schedules that will allow us to spend plenty of time together as a family. A loving home life and a great education will allow our child to thrive.

About Us…

We have been together for thirteen years and married for seven years. We are best friends and deeply in love. We met in school, where we bonded over books, music, travel, and adventure. We both come from close-knit families, and we each have two brothers.

Emily teaches literature from around the world. She was raised in Toronto, Canada, where her family encouraged her in dance and art classes. In school, she had a special talent for languages (she is fluent in Spanish and French), and after college she spent a year in Spain teaching English to elementary school students. Emily is a talented knitter, who designs sweaters, blankets, and toys for our nieces, nephews, and friends’ children. She loves the idea of passing on her love of art, as her grandmother and parents continue to do.

Micky teaches African American literature at a local school and has taught as far away as Ghana and Nigeria. He grew up in Ohio, where he found a love of the outdoors with his family. During our summers off, he enjoys camping and fishing by kayak. Music is another passion. He plays guitar and collects vinyl records, especially blues, jazz, and folk music. Micky is excited to explore the world with our child, encouraging their creativity and curiosity.

Our Home and Pets…

We live in a vibrant small town in New England, which is safe and welcoming. Our home has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, as well as a big yard to play in. Our home sits next to the town forest where we go walking in the summer and snowshoeing during the snowy winters. There are excellent schools, lots of activities, and plenty of forests and lakes to explore.

Our Family…

Both of our families are so excited to welcome our baby home. Our child will be the first grandchild for Emily’s parents, and they are excited to spend time with the baby! Micky’s brothers both have young children, who we love to spend time with. Everyone in the family is excited for us to become parents!

Our extended family includes people from different races, religions and cultures. We also belong to a wonderful, diverse community, and have a group of close friends who feel more like family. Micky loves to cook and together we enjoy hosting barbeques and holiday meals.

Our Journey to Adoption…

Early on in our relationship, we discussed our shared dream of becoming parents. We both knew even then building a family is about commitment and love, and not about biology. After struggling with infertility and miscarriages, we are excited and hopeful to build our family through adoption. We are both committed to raising our child to be proud of who they are.

Fun Facts…

Name: Emily

Occupation: teacher

Education: PhD in English

Favorite Food: pumpkin pie

Favorite Hobby: knitting

Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride

Favorite Holiday: Halloween

Favorite TV Show: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Favorite Activity: hiking with friends

Hidden Talent: remembering song lyrics

Guilty Pleasure: eating chocolate chips out of the bag


Name: Micky

Occupation: teacher

Education: PhD in English

Favorite Food: Barbecue

Favorite Hobby: listening to music

Favorite Movie: Ghostbusters

Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving

Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld

Favorite Activity: skiing

Hidden Talent: making soup

Guilty Pleasure: playing hooky to go fishing!