Status: Adopted


Dear Birthparent…

Hello I’m Val!

I am very grateful that you are reading my profile and giving me an opportunity to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about my family during what must be a difficult time.


I would be very happy to have a relationship with you through open adoption, but I understand and respect your decision if you prefer a closed adoption.   I hope to have an opportunity to provide every goodness and happiness I am to provide for this child.  If I am lucky enough to be chosen, your baby will know that your adoption plan was made out of the deepest love for him or her and that the baby will grow up honoring your relationship as a birthparent.

About Me…

I have a large family and I’m the oldest of three girls.  We all live close to each other— and I love to cook so I always have visitors!  I have been surrounded by children my whole life—I used to be a high school English Teacher!  I used to babysit all the time for my aunts and uncles and my parents friends since I was 12.  Our house was always filled with kids and toys and noise!  I am admittedly absolutely, positively, madly in love with my nieces and nephews.  They make me laugh all the time and I love seeing the world through their eyes. They really are the best presents I ever got!  They simply cannot wait to meet and welcome this new little person into the family!  I work for a great company where I’m in charge of their operations.  My job gives me the flexibility to work from home whenever I need so I can manage my schedule when things come up at home.  When I’m not working, I love to travel, I love to bike riding, and go on adventures with family and friends!

My Home and Pets…

I live in a beautiful part of New England where I get to enjoy all four seasons—from warm sunny days to lots of snow in the winter!  I have to admit Fall is my favorite time of year here.  I love the crisp air and the beautiful rainbow colors of the leaves falling and most of all…. BAKING!!  I love to start the fireplace and bake apple pie.  I love how yummy the house smells!  My town is a short drive to the ocean and the mountains and is also close to some large cities.  I live in a quiet neighborhood with lots of kids and families.  I have a great park just a few minutes from my house where kids can run and play on the swings or ride their bikes.  I have a little four pound dog named Honey who LOVES running in the park and also loves a good game of chase with the kids!   The elementary school is also just five minutes from my home.

My Family…

I am so lucky that I have a great family—we are very close and we like to do things together a adults and also with the kids.  We love to go to concerts, hang out at the beach, go bike riding or even stay home and make s’mores by the fire pit in the back yard!  I have lots of little cousins running around who would love to have another playmate to play with!  I also have some pretty amazing friends who cannot wait to babysit!  I am looking forward to introducing a child to all these wonderful people and begin to build happy memories and tell stories of awesome adventures together!

My Journey to Adoption…

I have wanted children for as long as I can remember.  It is a relationship that is so very precious to me.  Although I am really proud of being the crazy, “kissing monster”, “eat pancakes for dinner” Aunt to my nieces and nephews I still want a baby to love.  I was married and hoped to start a family, but sadly it didn’t work out.  Although I have met some nice gentlemen; I haven’t found my soul mate. I would still love to meet someone, but I truly feel that being a mom is what is really missing in my life.  I am hopeful that this beautiful little baby will come into my life very soon!

Fun Facts…

Name: Val

Occupation: Head of Operations

Education: Masters in Education

Favorite Food: anything BBQ

Favorite Hobby: cooking

Favorite Movie:  ELF

Favorite Holiday:  Halloween/Christmas

Favorite TV Show:  HGTV

Favorite Activity:  Bike Riding

Hidden Talent:  I can speak three languages

Guilty Pleasure: watching BRAVO TV