Noah & Leslie
Status: Matched


Dear Birthparent…

You are so strong -we can only imagine what you are going through now, and we are thankful that you chose life and adoption. You are so brave for taking this step, and hopefully by getting to know the adoptive parents you choose will reassure you that your child will be so loved and cared for. We’ve always wanted a family but our journey to becoming parents has not been easy, and after many unsuccessful treatments we were called to adoption as a loving way to build our family. We are so excited about raising a child and are blessed to have flexible and rewarding careers, a warm home in a great community, and family close by to share in the growth of our family.

About Us…

 We met in a high school math class and became quick friends.  Leslie asked for help studying for an exam and we have been inseparable ever since. Our relationship has made it through colleges in different cities, graduate degrees, renovating a house and infertility losses.  We have also had many celebrations, like new career opportunities, the births of our nieces and nephews, and the ability to travel.  Through it all we have learned that we are a team and we are very ready for the next step in our lives and marriage.  We can’t wait to have a child to share family vacations, road trips, hiking and skiing in the mountains and our everyday adventures in our small New England town.

Our Home and Pets…

We live in a great home in a small New England town.  Leslie grew up in this house with her parents and brother. Noah is renovating it room by room so it is our own. Our house is on a lake at the edge of a forest. Every day we enjoy being right on the water. In the summer we enjoy having the ability to kayak, canoe, paddleboard and swim and in the winter we enjoy ice skating and cross country skiing.  We are lucky to live near a large university and we are a short drive to the ocean.  We look forward to showing our children how to swim and ice skate right here in their own backyard.


Our cat, Komi also shares our home. She is named after a lake in Montana we visited on vacation.  Komi was adopted from a local shelter and loves to be with people.  She is great with kids and very playful!

Our Family…

We are lucky to have our family close, it is great to have frequent Sunday dinners, and impromptu visits. Leslie’s dad comes by almost every day and Noah’s parents come by to swim or skate often. We love being close to our parents, siblings, nieces and nephews. We wait with anticipation for our family to come visit our child!

We also have a great group of local friends. Many of them have children so our child will have lots of friends too! As a group we have skied, hiked, swam, and ate many meals together. With the addition of our home made pizza oven, we throw many pizza parties where we all share a meal and fun evening together.

Our Journey to Adoption…

Having a family was always something we wanted together long before we were married, and it is something we have tried very hard to achieve. We each think the other would be a great parent and have watch each other build wonderful relationships with our nieces and nephews, and our friends children. We always thought positively about adoption, and after finding out having our own children is not an option, we both felt that adoption was the natural next step.  We often imagine taking our child out on outdoor adventures, to family BBQs, and quiet Sundays at home. These things will happen through an amazing, selfless gift through adoption, and we can’t wait!

Fun Facts…

Name: Noah

Occupation: Project Manager

Education: Master of Science in Civil Engineering

Favorite Food: BBQ!

Favorite Hobby: Fishing

Favorite Movie: Wayne’s World

Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving

Favorite TV Show: Planet Earth

Favorite Activity: Skiing

Hidden Talent: Baking Bread

Guilty Pleasure: Ice Cream Sundaes


Name: Leslie

Occupation: Career Advisor at a University

Education: Master of Education in Counseling

Favorite Food: Pizza, Sushi

Favorite Hobby: Baking

Favorite Movie: Zoolander

Favorite Holiday: Easter

Favorite TV Show: House

Favorite Activity: Hiking, Skiing and Swimming

Hidden Talent: Playing the Piano

Guilty Pleasure: Ice Cream with French Fries