Liz & Bladi
Status: Adopted


Dear Birthparent…

Hello! We are Bladimir and Liz. We know this is a hard decision you are about to make. We hope that as you learn about us and the love we share, that you will want to go on this journey with us. If we are chosen, we will give your child the most love we can muster. We will nurture and care for your child to insure your child is as happy and healthy as can be. Your child will bring joy to our lives as we shower them with unconditional love every day.

About Us…

We met in 2011, when we worked at the same university. We really hit it off and were married 3 years later. We’ve spent the last several years growing in our own careers and working on our home to make it perfect to start a family. Liz grew up in New England and teaches at a local university for a living, which allows for extra free time in the summers to spend time with our children. She also enjoys arts and crafts. Bladi was born in Venezuela, but grew up in New England, and works with computers. He enjoys cooking, especially Venezuelan dishes.

Our Home and Pets…

We live in a beautiful old Victorian home. We have worked over the past few years to update the house on the inside to make it better for a family. There is plenty of space to run around in the house and yard. We also have a cat, Noreen, who is really friendly. The neighborhood is quiet, with a good school system. We are within walking distance of some shops in our business district. It really is what you imagine a small New England town to look like – an ideal place to raise a family.

Our Family…

We have both been blessed to have large and supportive families. They can’t wait to meet the new addition with open arms! Bladi’s immediate family lives locally and are excited about this journey. There will be plenty of cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents to spend time with on his side of the family. The nieces and nephews range from ages 2 to 1 7. It means a lot to Bladi that his sisters, brother, and parents are here to support him. Liz also has a great family and support system here locally. Everyone in the family is eager to meet the new baby. Her parents have both remarried and there are a lot of additional brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews through these blended families. Her brother, step siblings, step parents, and parents are there to lend a helping hand as we raise your child.

Our Journey to Adoption…

Adoption is something that we have always wanted to do. We believe that family is something greater than blood. We have both wanted to adopt, so we felt the time was right to go down that path.

Fun Facts…

Name: Liz

Occupation: Associate Professor

Education: Doctorate

Favorite Food: Chili

Favorite Hobby: Making crafts

Favorite Movie: Labyrinth

Favorite Holiday: Halloween

Favorite TV Show: Simpsons

Favorite Activity: Going for walks

Hidden Talent: Singing

Guilty Pleasure: Frozen custard


Name: Bladi

Occupation: Application Support Engineer

Education: Masters

Favorite Food: Arepas

Favorite Hobby: Videogames

Favorite Movie:  Jurassic Park

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite TV Show: Community

Favorite Activity: Walks

Hidden Talent: Teaching

Guilty Pleasure:  Cheesecake