Paul & Alex
Status: Still Looking


Dear Birthparent…

Hi there!  We are Alex and Paul.  We are so excited that you are considering us.  THANK YOU!  Since we’ve been together we have always dreamed of starting a family.  We have always wanted to take our time to ensure we were both ready for the process and the new adventure that awaiting.  We are both to happy and excited to be at this stage in our lives, knowing that we can provide a great life for a child and offer a stable, nurturing environment filled with love, adventure and strong family values.  Thank you again for considering us!

About Us…

Alex was born in Cuba, grew up in Miami and went to college in Chicago, where he attended Northwestern University. He also studied abroad in Spain for a year while in college. Paul was born in Salt Lake City, UT. He attended college in Provo, UT lived in Oregon for a brief time until ultimately moving to Los Angeles. We live in Miami now.  We met in Las Vegas where we were both on a business trip.  We love to stay active and work out.  Alex has his own interior design business which has been going very well.  Paul works in at an health insurance company and has worked there for the last 7 years. We LOVE to travel! We look forward to taking our baby on trips around the world! Together we have been to Mexico, France, Spain, the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and China.

Our Home and Pets…

We both love dogs and have always grown up with dogs. We always rescue our dogs because we know how many need loving homes!  We currently have two dogs – a cocker spaniel named Sweetie and a chihuahua named Sandy.  We live in a suburb of Miami where Alex grew up.  The community has amazing schools and the neighborhood has lots of parks, lakes and trees.  It is a beautiful community that is very family oriented.  Alex’s family live very close by and we see them every week for either game night, dinners or pool get-togethers.

Our Family…

Paul’s family still lives in Salt Lake City. His mom and dad have been together for a long time. His father is from Utah and his mother is from Canada.  Paul is the youngest of 5 kids. He gets along with all of his siblings very well. We love seeing them every chance we get. He has two sisters, Bonnie and Trudy and two brothers, Mark and David. Alex has an older brother who is married and has 3 kids. Alex’s brother lives only 5 minutes away. Which is great because the nephews can come over often. They usually come over and eat all the food in the house and play in the pool. Alex has an older brother, Lazaro. He has 3 kids: Ian (21), Dylan (17) and Nicholas (13). They live 7 minutes away and they come over to the house a lot! We love our friends! Alex has been friends with Heather since 5th grade. She is part of our family and travels with us on trips to Naples, Hawaii and London. Andrea has been a dear friend for over 20 yrs. She recently had a baby and we are excited to have such a close friend with a newborn close by.

Our Journey to Adoption…

Since early on when we got together, we’ve known we wanted to adopt a child.  When we lived in LA we had started the process, but the opportunity to move to Miami presented itself so we put the process on hold.  We knew that we wanted to get well-rooted in Miami with work and family prior to starting the process again.  Now with our jobs in a great place and a great circle of friends and family, we are excited to start the process.

Fun Facts…

Name: Paul

Occupation: Finance Director

Education: Masters in Business, BYU

Favorite Food: Mexican

Favorite Hobby: Travel

Favorite Movie: Star Wars

Favorite Holiday: 4th of July

Favorite TV Show:  Game of Thrones

Favorite Activity: Running

Hidden Talent: Financial Planning

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate


Name: Alex

Occupation: Interior Designer

Education: BA, Northwestern University

Favorite Food: Chinese

Favorite Hobby: Travel

Favorite Movie: E.T.

Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving

Favorite TV Show: Hawaii 5-0

Favorite Activity: Cooking

Hidden Talent: Painting

Guilty Pleasure:  Eating out at restaurants