Rebecca and Michael
Status: Still Looking


Dear Birthparent…

Dear Birthparent

We would first like to thank you for choosing adoption, even if you do not select our family. We know many families who have adopted, including our own, and they have been enriched with so much love from their adopted child. We are grateful to you for the opportunity to care and bring up your child. We are aware of the responsibilities involved in raising children as we strive for our children to be happy, active and involved with each other, with the community and in our parish. We give our children different opportunities so they are well-rounded in their development. While the school year is spent on their studies and extracurricular activities, such as music lessons and sports, the summer is leisurely as we enjoy road trips, berry picking and swimming.

Since we are parents to an adopted child, we understand the insecurities that may come with being adopted. We also have fielded comments about adoption from our family, friends and even strangers. We are open with our adopted daughter when she asks questions (with age appropriate responses) and we will do so with your child. Every birthday we retell the story of her birth and how thrilled we were when we brought her home. Her older siblings remember that day and their excitement to hold and feed her. We understand how important hearing these stories can be to any child, especially one that is adopted. Just as we do for all our children, we would do the same for yours. Our family is full of love and would cherish having the opportunity to raise your child.

About Us…

Michael and I met while working in our parish’s young adult group. Both of us have our master degrees, Michael in Engineering and myself in Business Administration. We decided to forgo my career to care for our family. Michael is a quiet, studious person who enjoys crosswords and Sudoku puzzles. He understands the personalities of each of our children and spends time with each, according to what they are most interested in. I am also quiet and I love to sew as well as do crafts and bake. Since I became a mom, I have found a love of teaching children to read. We value our time with our children so it is important for us to eat meals together and we reserve Sunday afternoons for family activities.

Our Home and Pets…

We own a 2-story gambrel home on just about ½ an acre of land. Our backyard has a small hill that provides a lot of winter fun for the kids, including sledding and snowboarding. It also has some trees that provide hours of exploration during the warm months. When we can’t get outside, we have a large play room in our home where the kids can be kids and play with toys. The kids are also involved in our town’s athletic program as well as weekly swim times at our local YMCA. Their grandparents live just down the road so they get to enjoy their company often as well as the company of their dog.

Our Family…

Besides my parents, my sister lives two towns over with her three children. Mike’s sister and her daughter live about an hour away and they visit us almost every weekend. Our children grow up knowing and making great memories with their cousins, grandparents and their aunts and uncle. We’ve been on vacation with them as well as visits to our local amusement park, to theater performances and to the beach. As much as possible we include our extended family. What I like most is that my sister and Mike’s sister as well as our friends were all married around the same time and had children soon thereafter and continue to have children. It makes visiting so much fun because the kids all have similar toys and interests.

Our Journey to Adoption…

I have always wanted to adopt and Mike has always been open to children, regardless of adopted or biological. We were fortunate to be parents of three children when we adopted six years ago. Now that our youngest is getting older, we would like to adopt again. This would give our adopted daughter a sibling with a similar birth history. Just as much as we knew we never wanted an only child, we would prefer not to have only one adopted child. It has been such a wonderful experience to see how the kids view each other just as siblings. One of our older children told us once that she forgot that we had adopted. It was so sweet to hear. All our children would like to have another child and they are very excited about the prospect of adopting again.

Fun Facts…

Name: Rebecca

Occupation: Former Manager/SSA Rep

Education: B.A. in Mathematics, MBA

Favorite Food: Watermelon and Kettle Chips

Favorite Hobby: Sewing

Favorite Movie: Animated Beauty and the Beast

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite TV Show: Reruns of Remington Steele

Favorite Activity: Swimming and Ice Skating

Hidden Talent: Painting/Drawing

Guilty Pleasure: Fudge and Vanilla Milkshakes


Name: Michael

Occupation: Electrical Engineer

Education: BA, Masters in Electrical Engineering

Favorite Food: Chocolate

Favorite Hobby: Crosswords

Favorite Movie: Star Wars

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite TV Show: Star Trek: Next Generation

Favorite Activity: Web Surfing

Hidden Talent: Cooking Eggs

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate