Robert & Timothy
Status: Still Looking


Dear Birthparent…

Thank you for taking the time to view our profile. We are very excited to take the next step in expanding our family. We understand it’s a difficult decision to make an adoption plan and we know you’re looking for the best opportunity for your child to lead a successful life. We hope to show that we are ready to welcome a child into a loving and well supported environment where they can grow and pursue their passions. Hopefully we can give you the opportunity to get to know us and see if we fit into your adoption journey. We can’t wait to become parents and are excited for our birth mother to find us.

About Us…

We met at a friend’s Christmas party in 2011 and immediately bonded over being pharmacists, having lived in New York City, and moving to Florida around the same time. We had so much in common and felt as though Florida was our second chance to meet since we never crossed paths while living in New York City. From that night on, we knew we had found in each other something very special and we quickly grew close over our love of technology, outer space, travel, and many other shared interests. Over the past 9 years, we have built a wonderful life in Orlando with a close-knit community of friends and family.

Our Home and Pets…

We recently moved into a large single-family home that is well suited for our growing family. Our home is in a quiet suburban neighborhood with little cross traffic and has a large front yard perfect for playing outdoors. We also have a pool that our child will be able to enjoy with family and friends during Florida’s hot summer days. Our community is safe and surrounded by the best schools, libraries and museums right in the middle of the city. Just a short drive away, we often spend the day at the beach, hike at state parks, swim in natural springs and visit Disney World or Universal Studios! We are so excited to raise a child in Orlando where we can begin the day watching a rocket launch at the Kennedy Space Center then end the day watching fireworks at Magic Kingdom!

We adopted our wonderful cat from a shelter 4 years ago. He is a grey tabby who behaves like a cat but has the appetite of a dog. He is friendly and smart, and most days he can be found taking naps in the sun, looking out the window, playing fetch, and getting belly rubs from his dads. We are so excited to introduce Yoshi to our future child.

Our Family…

There is nothing we love more than spending time with our family. Whether it’s a big family trip, a visit home during the holidays, or spending a lazy Sunday afternoon together, the relationships we have with our family are what we treasure most. Spending holidays with our families is very important to us and we can’t wait to share these special moments with our child during holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. We are also excited to raise our child with Tim’s cultural traditions so they will grow up learning Chinese and celebrating even more holidays like making dumplings during the Lunar New Year, eating mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival and releasing wishes into the sky during the Lantern Festival! We take multiple trips each year to visit our parents and siblings in St. Petersburg, New York City and Washington, DC and will continue to do so as our family grows. We have been fortunate enough to have surrounded ourselves with a close group of friends from diverse backgrounds and cultures that we consider to be a second family. We value these strong friendships very much because several of them have young children of their own that we have watched grow up and spend time with, making us even more excited to become parents. They will become our village who can’t wait to help and guide us in raising our own child.

Our Journey to Adoption…

From the moment we decided to share our lives together we knew we eventually wanted to build a family through adoption. However, we felt it was important not to rush into parenthood. Instead we used the start of our marriage to further our commitment and grow closer together. Having been together for the last 9 years traveling the world, spending time with family and friends, and experiencing everyday life, our love for each other is stronger than ever. We know that now is the right time to introduce a child into our family.

Fun Facts…

Name: Timothy

Occupation: Pharmacist

Education: Saint John’s University

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Hobby: Photography

Favorite Movie: The Greatest Showman

Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving

Favorite TV Show: 30 Rock

Favorite Activity: Exercising

Hidden Talent: Photographic Memory

Guilty Pleasure: Ice Cream


Name: Robert

Occupation: Pharmacist

Education: University of Florida

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Hobby: Swimming

Favorite Movie: Jurassic Park

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld

Favorite Activity: Running

Hidden Talent: Juggling

Guilty Pleasure: