Trevor & Clint
Status: Still Looking


Dear Birthparent…

We are Trevor and Clint and we’re so glad that you are taking the time to learn about us! Your courageous decision to allow someone else to adopt your child is truly remarkable. Without people like you, people like us would have no hope! Our dream is to open our lives to a child and give all the love our hearts have to give…and then some! We admire your determination to find a family that will give your child all the love and support any mother would want their child to have.

We hope you find comfort in knowing that you will be the only mother this child will ever know. A day will never go by that we don’t celebrate the gift you may possibly give to us, always reminding our child they came to us through their mother’s incredible acts of love. We hope that we are your “chosen couple” and promise, if we are, to make every beat of our heart about being the best fathers we can possibly be. The gift of parenthood would be the most precious gift we could ever be given and something we will never take for granted.

About Us…

Picture it! October 6, 2013. Two guys, thousands of miles apart searching for love in all the “online” places. Clint was convinced by his friend Courtney to put together an online profile to search for “local” guys in the Midwest. Trevor was doing the same but in Florida! With both profiles designed to find local guys, somehow, Trevor came up in Clint’s search. Our shared love for travel, our family, the Golden Girls, and not being into the bar/club scene caused Clint to reach out. After a lot of persistence on Clint’s part, Trevor finally gave in to a FaceTime meet up! 1,454 days after meeting online, we were married in September 2017 on Clearwater Beach in front of all the people who we hold dear to our hearts.

Our Home and Pets…

Deer, wild turkeys, and peacocks…oh my! This describes the daily scene in our suburban, residential neighborhood filled with lots of families. Within walking distance to our highly rated local elementary school, our neighborhood is the perfect environment for kids! Our house sits on a preserve which gives us a lot of open space and views of wildlife. On the weekends we enjoy walking to the neighborhood “play area” with tennis courts, basketball courts, a huge playground, and spacious pool! Inside our single-story home, our open floor plan allows us to feel connected with every part of the house! Family and friends can often be found congregating in the kitchen watching “Clint, The Baker” perfect a tasty treat! Let’s just say they like to be taste testers!

Our Family…

Our friends and family come from all walks of life. Clint’s family lives in the Midwest in small town America! He has two brothers who have given us “Uncle status”, both having two boys! The family farm is a favorite meeting spot for family with lots of outdoor fun! Trevor’s family lives throughout Florida! Family traditions run deep in his family and Christmas is quite the site! Both his parents are retired in Central Florida. Trevor is an only child, which means he was spoiled! As far as our friends, we surround ourselves with supportive, loving, and giving people. We are so fortunate to have several friends who have experienced the joy of adoption. There’s no doubt we find comfort in knowing that whenever we are able to adopt, both our adoptive child and ourselves will have a support system to rely on! We have another group of friends who span the ages from 30 to 80! We are old souls and love surrounding ourselves with a diverse group of people!

Our Journey to Adoption…

Our journey to get to this point in our life was not easy. We both dealt with the struggles of dealing with our identity. We worried about how our family and friends would react to us coming out as gay. Clint wasn’t able to come out to his friends and family until he was in his 30s. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever imagine that we would ever be able to legally marry one another, let alone have the opportunity to legally adopt. After a recent long weekend getaway, Trevor was feeling the “adoption blues”. Clint shared “the blues” with Trevor and together we decided to make the leap to begin the adoption journey. After years of people nagging us about if we would ever start a family, they are going to be overjoyed with the news!

Fun Facts…

Name: Trevor

Occupation: Elementary Teacher

Education: Master’s Degree

Favorite Food: Pizza (Chicken, when he’s good)

Favorite Hobby: Eating Clint’s baked goods and traveling

Favorite Movie: First Wives Club

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite TV Show: The Golden Girls

Favorite Activity: Road trips!

Hidden Talent: He can sing!

Guilty Pleasure: Eating all of Clint’s baked goods and maybe a Reese’s Peanut butter cup, or three!


Name: Clint

Occupation: Hospitality Sales

Education: Some College

Favorite Food: Pizza (Salmon, when he’s good)

Favorite Hobby: Baking and Traveling!

Favorite Movie: The Notebook

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite TV Show: The Golden Girls

Favorite Activity: Road trips!

Hidden Talent: He can drive a tractor!

Guilty Pleasure:

Eating his own baked goods…ha!