4 Advantages of an Arizona Private Adoption Attorney for Birthmothers



Going through the adoption process includes a lot of stress, decisions, and options along the way. While you may find support through family and loved ones, professional support can go a long way as well. While counselors and therapists can help you through some of the emotional issues, you may also seek the services of a private adoption attorney.


An adoption attorney offers much different services than an adoption agency. You can find a wide range of benefits from these attorneys. Learn more about the benefits and reasons to choose a private adoption attorney for your journey.


1. Birthmother Representation


When you choose adoption and seek out an agency, the agency will typically act as the go-between for the adoption process. This means that the agency caters to both the birthmother and the adoptive families. While everyone’s best interests are often considered, the agency also advocates for the adoptive family. The result could lead to some concessions on your part.


With a private adoption attorney, the attorney will only represent you. The adoption family you ultimately chose will have their own agency or representation to go through the rest of the process. The attorney will advocate for your needs and be solely on your side. If you have any concerns or issues, then the attorney will bring them up and follow your wishes.


This attorney-client relationship will continue throughout the whole adoption process. They will advocate for your needs, help you with paperwork, and ensure you understand each step of the process. You will come to rely on the attorney for honest answers and the best steps to move forward with the process.


2. Arizona Adoption Laws


Every state has different laws in relation to adoption. When you work with a private adoption attorney in Arizona, they will know the laws inside and out. You can avoid any issues with loopholes and ensure you remain fully taken care of throughout the whole adoption process.


Reading some adoption laws could be confusing or lead to a lot of questions about the adoption process and your rights as a birthmother. A lawyer will break down those elements and help you understand exactly what the law states.


Laws can also change, and a private attorney will know about the newest law changes that could impact the adoption process.


3. Open & Closed Adoption Contracts


The adoption agreements you sign are not just some basic forms with various options. As the birthmother, you have the right to adjust an adoption agreement in any way you please. The first choice is to consider an open or a closed adoption. An open adoption will typically include some form of contact with the adoptive family and the child as they grow.


A lawyer can help you with a contract that best represents your wants and needs. For example, in an open adoption, you could seek annual in-person visits with the adoptive family. Other open adoption aspects may include photos and videos shared by the adoptive family.


In today’s modern world, a lawyer may also include provisions for social media contact and use through an open adoption. The social media contact may include the ability to set up private accounts to share messages and media with each other. A lawyer can help establish the groundwork for these options so you don’t run into any problems in the future.


A lawyer can also help you with a closed adoption. A closed adoption may include an anonymous family and sealed paperwork that people cannot access in the future. The option is completely up to you and a lawyer will fully break down what it means to choose a closed adoption.


4. Living Expense Budget


As part of the adoption process, you will receive financial support from an adoptive family. A big part of that support comes from a set living expense budget. A living expense budget will help you stay on your feet throughout the pregnancy and the weeks that follow.


A private adoption attorney can help map out your budget to include living expenses, food expenses, transportation expenses, and medical expenses. They will advocate for your living expense budget and ensure you have a budget that meets your needs and covers your journey after you have given birth as well.


The financial support will typically extend for several weeks after you give birth and make a big difference in the way you recover and stabilize after the pregnancy is over. All of these little details can make a big difference on the process and an attorney will try to get you the maximum amount so you do not have any extra worries or concerns.


For more information on private adoption attorneys, contact us at Arizona Adoption Help. During an initial consultation, we can answer any questions you have and explain the process to you step by step.