Questions to Consider When Writing a Letter to Your Baby

Many pregnant women decide that adoption is the best choice for them and their baby, but that doesn’t mean that the choice is an easy one in any way. Every imaginable emotion is sure to come up during the pregnancy, and that’s okay. With all the rituals that exist for a new baby and the adoptive parents, birth mothers may want to create a few rituals of their own.


One meaningful and healing ritual you may choose to try is writing a letter to your baby. When writing a letter to a child you plan to place for adoption, ask yourself these questions to help you identify the things that you most need to communicate to the child.


Why Are You Writing the Letter?


Before you start the letter-writing process, be clear on why you are writing the letter. Also be clear on who it is for. If you just want to write the letter as an exercise for yourself, that’s okay. However, discern that before writing the letter. If you are the only audience it will have, that may free you to delve into issues you would have avoided if you were writing for the baby.


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