Get the Most From a Birth Mother Support Group

Preparing to both give birth and give your baby up for adoption can inspire many emotions as the months go by. It can certainly inspire feelings of confidence and admiration for yourself since you are making a selfless choice, yet it can also inspire feelings of fear and doubt. A birth mother support group can be a huge comfort when faced with any and all those emotions.


Many birth mother support groups are designed like other well-known support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. They are created to help people who are going through difficult experiences share their joys, defeats, pain, and triumphs with others who are in the same boat. Consider these strategies to optimize the time you spend in a birth mother support group.


Attend the First Meetings to Just Listen


Going to your first few support group meetings can be intimidating. You’ll take some of the pressure off yourself if you commit to going to the first few meetings just to listen and learn. Attending quietly is perfectly acceptable, and you will likely find others in the group who aren’t eager to talk.


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