Labor and Delivery Questions Birth Mothers May Have

Pregnant Woman Having Her Check Up — Phoenix, AZ — Arizona AdoptionWhat can you expect from your childbirth experience? Take a look at what first-time birth mothers need to know about labor, delivery, and their childbirth options.

Where Will You Give Birth?

By now you may already have an OBGYN or nurse midwife. If you’ve already chosen a medical provider, talk to the doctor or nurse about what your options are. The most common places where women deliver their babies include:

  • A hospital. This is a traditional option that’s often required for birth mothers who are at high risk for complications. Your doctor or midwife may feel more comfortable with you delivering in a hospital or need to move you to a hospital for a C-section, breech birth, or other medical issue.
  • A birthing center. This healthcare environment has a home-like feel. Your doctor or midwife will need to agree to this option. This option isn’t advisable for someone with a high risk, and you may need to go to the hospital if complications arise.
  • Home. Often viewed as the most comfortable birthing option, a home birth is not a choice for birth mothers who have risks or complications. Even though a home birth (like the name implies) is in the home, a doctor or midwife will deliver the baby.


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