Adoption is Love

When Birthmom Elizabeth received the pictures of her ultrasound, she was shocked to see the most perfect image of a heart on the baby's head and it was just the…

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Sage’s Story

To any Birthmother wondering how their child will be loved once adopted or how an adoptive family experiences adoption, please read this beautiful story. We have had our hands and…

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Sylvia & Elias
Status: Still Looking


Dear Birthparent…

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to review our profile; hopefully, you can get to know us better. You are making a brave decision by thinking about placing your child for adoption. Placing your confidence in another couple to raise your child is a difficult process, hopefully being matched with the right couple will ease the decision. We are honored that you would even consider us. Unfortunately, our attempts to have a baby on our own were futile so we knew adoption would be the next natural step. We have a loving family, great flexible careers and a wonderful home to raise a child. We are looking forward to forming an unbreakable bond with a child; nothing would make us happier than becoming parents.


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