Birthmothers & Adoption Support: Small Expenses That Adoption Agencies Can Help Cover


Being pregnant comes with a lot of costs that can quickly accumulate both before and after the birth. If you’re a birthmother who has chosen adoption, then you may feel overwhelmed by the costs and decisions you need to make. When you seek support from an adoption agency, however, you will receive more than just legal and emotional support. You will also receive financial support.


Financial support for adoption comes in more ways than just medical help. When you understand what financial support you can receive, you will relieve some of the burden and stress that comes along with the whole experience. Learn about some of the small expenses that can add up over time and many that an adoption agency will help cover through the pregnancy.


Books & Library Trips

The pregnancy and adoption process includes the need to access a lot of knowledge. Bookstores and libraries can provide educational books on both subjects, along with deeper dives into the adoption experience. As part of the adoption process, you will receive transportation to doctor’s appointments, but the transportation services may expand to other needs.


Specifically, you could receive trips to the library to check out books and expand your knowledge on pregnancy and adoption. In some cases, an adoption agency may cover the costs of books you want to purchase from a regular bookstore. You have the opportunity to inquire and ask about these options to supply you with as much information as possible.


Some adoption agencies may have their own library of books for you to read as well. The more you read and learn, the more informed decisions you can make.


Specialty Appliances

As you go through pregnancy, an adoption agency may supply support in the form of food expenses. A doctor could limit your diet or restrict certain foods. You may face a wide range of restrictions based on conditions like gestational diabetes. While financial support for food provides many benefits, you may seek additional support to help prepare food.


For example, you could seek out financial support for the costs of a small blender. A blender will allow you to prepare foods like smoothies or to break down food items like vegetables. If you have been told to have limited movement or need extended bed rest, then you could request financial support to purchase a mini-fridge for your bedroom.


A mini-fridge will provide quick access to snacks and drinks without the need to constantly get up and go into the kitchen. You may find yourself in situations where someone cannot bring you these items and close access with a mini-fridge will make a big difference.


Other small appliances may include healthier cooking options. For example, you may want to cook healthier meals in appliances like an air fryer. You could make healthy foods like soups in a pressure cooker. New appliances will make it easier to prepare meals and follow different diets recommended by doctors and others.


The appliances will go hand-in-hand with the food support your receive and can really help make some positive changes to your diet.



When seeking adoption help, an agency will help you as you transition through different clothing sizes and go through multiple seasons of weather. Along with your upper body, your feet may go through a lot of changes during pregnancy as well. Feet can change size or swell up, although this varies by health condition or body type.


Adoption agencies will help provide you with new footwear. Your shoe size may temporarily change or you may find yourself with painful feet ailments during pregnancy. Shoes with more support and comfort will help relieve these ailments. In some cases, a doctor may recommend specific types of shoes. An agency can help cover those costs.


New shoes will really help if you continue to work during pregnancy. You may find yourself on your feet more and need extra support in the heels and ankles. In some cases, you may need to change shoes multiple times within the nine months of your pregnancy. Open communication with an adoption agency can help you receive all the support you seek.


Sometimes, the need for new footwear is for simple reasons. For example, you may have trouble bending over to tie your shoes on a regular basis. The bending could present physical challenges or you could have back pain due to the pregnancy. In a case like this, an adoption agency will help you purchase slip-on shoes with no tying required.


For more information on financial support, contact us at Arizona Adoption Help. We have a wide range of services that include financial support and expands into a wide range of areas to support you during your pregnancy. Communication is the first step in the process and our team is here to support you as a birthmother and listen to your wants and needs first.