5 Reassuring Facts For Those Considering Adoption For Their Child

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The decision to offer your baby for adoption is not an easy one. In fact, it may be the hardest decision you have to make in your life. However, sometimes adoption truly is the best, most loving choice for the birth parents and for the child. If you believe that adoption may be right for you and are looking for some reassurance, here are five facts to help give you confidence in your choice.


1. Many Adoptions Are Now Open Adoptions

Some birth parents feel hesitant towards adoption because they worry they will never see or hear from their baby again. This is how adoption is portrayed in a lot of old movies, and it is how many adoptions proceeded in the past. However, most adoptions today have some degree of openness.

Depending on your arrangement with the birth parents, you may receive pictures and updates several times a year, or you may even be able to visit the child. Adoption no longer means never having contact with your child again — unless, of course, that is what you prefer.


2. Adoption Is More Common Than You Think

You do not have to fear that, as an adopted child, your child will feel like they are odd or different. Millions of children in the United States are adopted, so your child will be likely to have school friends who are also adopted.

Adoption is rarely kept a secret these days, either. Studies indicate that 99 percent of children know they are adopted. You don’t need to worry about your child having a crisis when he or she learns of the adoption as a teen or adult.


3. Adopted Children Are Generally Happy and Have Great Family Lives

Offering your child for adoption is one of the most loving things you can do. Most adoptive parents are adults who have longed for a child for many years and who cannot wait to welcome a baby into their home.

Combine this desire for parenthood with the fact that adoptive parents are carefully investigated and scrutinized before being allowed to adopt, and the result is that most adopted children end up in very kind, loving families.

Studies have shown that more than 50 percent of adopted children eat dinner with their families six days a week or more. The vast majority, when asked, express positive feelings about being adopted.


4. Counseling Can Help Birth Parents Through an Adoption

Sometimes, birth parents considering adoption are primarily concerned about their own emotional well-being during and after the adoption process. While there is no way to take away the pain associated with adoption, resources are available to help you cope.

If you work with an adoption agency, they will typically provide counseling for you during and after the adoption process. During these sessions, you will learn how to deal with the sense of grief or loss you may feel after an adoption. You will also receive advice for managing adoption-related difficulties in other relationships, such as your relationship with your parents or partner.


5. Adoption Services Are Often Free for Birth Mothers

Many parents who choose to offer their babies for adoption do so, at least in part, for financial reasons. Rest assured that if you choose adoption, you will not be responsible for any fees related to the counseling or legal work. These fees are covered by the adoption agency and the adoptive parents. You can simply focus on taking good care of yourself during this trying time.
As challenging as it is to offer your baby for adoption, it is a decision made in love and trust. If you are an expecting parent looking for adoption services in Arizona, contact Arizona Adoption Help to learn more about our services for birth mothers.5 Reassuring