The Facts about Adoption

Adoption Baby

At Arizona Adoption Help, we are dedicated to providing birthmothers the support and care they deserve. Recently I’ve been doing research on the information available to birthmoms about the adoption process, and overwhelmingly, content on the Internet is written by and for adoptive parents of children. While their journey is no less valid and important, it would not be possible without the women who first make that courageous decision to carry a child through birth. Perhaps it is the social stigma we’ve created around adoption and a mother’s choice to place her child. It’s become one of those things that people don’t want to talk about. For some it’s difficult to imagine the circumstances that would lead a mother to this decision, so they apply undue shame and judgment. At Arizona Adoption Help, we want to change that. We want birthmothers to know that we respect and honor their decision. Most of all, we want them to have all the information about the adoption process available to them, so they can make an informed and confident decision about the life and future of their child.

Reasons to Choose Adoption

There are many reasons why women consider their options when finding out about a pregnancy. There are sociological factors, like current financial status. Sometimes legal factors come into play and the decision to keep their child is out of their hands. Some mothers choose adoption because the time is not right to parent, or perhaps they are struggling to provide care for the children they already have. We want mothers to know that adoption is one of the most loving and unselfish decisions you can make for your child. It is the opportunity to provide a wonderful life and future for your baby.

Your Adoption, Your Choice

There are many misconceptions about adoption, largely due to its portrayal in the media. Adoption does not look like the dramatized version in Lifetime movies or the way our mothers and fathers experienced it in the past. Adoption looks exactly how you want it to. There are a myriad of choices you have as a birthmother in the process, from beginning to end. At Arizona Adoption Help, we treat birthmothers like the responsible and mature adults they are. You can choose the medical care and counseling you prefer. You can choose the adoptive family and how much or little involvement you want to have with them, whether it be emails, phone calls or meeting in person. We will help you prepare for the hospital and decide what your stay will look like with the baby. You can choose if and how you want to stay in touch with the family after.

Misconceptions about Adoption

Some may think an adoption is expensive, but in fact, all legal, medical and counseling services are no cost to you, and there are even court-approved living expenses available to you during your pregnancy and for six weeks after the birth of your child. Some may think that if you choose to continue your pregnancy, the choice will not be confidential, your friends and family will know and be involved. Your adoption can be 100% confidential if you choose. We can arrange for a clothing budget to hide the pregnancy, or if this is too difficult, it’s possible to make temporary living arrangements elsewhere so you can keep the pregnancy private. Lastly, some people may think an adoption is too emotionally difficult and that abortion would be easier. While both options are difficult, adoption gives you the opportunity to stay in touch with your child through pictures and letters. You can see their smiling face and know they are living a life full of care and loving support. Adoption is a valid choice and we want birthmothers to know that we will be there for them every step of the way and make it the most positive experience possible.

Please reach out to us if you or someone you know is thinking about adoption. There is no obligation and we are here to provide all the information necessary for you to make the best decision for you and your baby.

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