Adoption is Love

When Birthmom Elizabeth received the pictures of her ultrasound, she was shocked to see the most perfect image of a heart on the baby’s head and it was just the sign she needed.


Elizabeth came to us emotionally wrought after discovering she was pregnant. She had fallen in with the wrong crowd and found herself in a precarious situation with an unknown man. Her pregnancy was the result of rape. Devastated, she considered her options. Elizabeth decided to call our office to find out more information about the adoption process. Immediately we wanted to do whatever we could to support her. No matter her decision, we wanted her to know that she was safe to talk about her situation and there was no pressure to choose adoption. She said she didn’t believe in abortion, but she also knew she couldn’t raise this child. We completely understood and reassured her that there were families out there that wanted to provide the loving home this child needed.


The first step was to get Elizabeth the medical care she and the baby needed. We arranged a prenatal appointment at a trusted OBGYN and got her to and from the doctor. The very next day, she met with our counselor Kris, who was able to talk through some of the emotions she was experiencing. Elizabeth looked at profiles of adoptive families and chose a lovely couple. This would be their first child. They were able to speak on the phone that same day and the adoptive family could not contain their excitement. They laughed and Elizabeth said something changed in the way she was viewing this pregnancy. She now felt like she was carrying this young couple’s child and that she was a surrogate mother to their baby. What was once a terribly negative and fearful situation became a way for her to spread love and give hope.


A few days later Elizabeth went back to the doctor for an ultrasound. When asked if she would like some photos, she said the baby’s parents would and took some home. Before, she couldn’t gather the strength to even go to the doctor and discuss this pregnancy, and now she was able to look down at these photos and feel peace knowing there was a family out there waiting for this child. She looked a little closer and cried, because there on several of the pictures was the most perfect heart stamped on the baby’s head. She knew then that adoption was the right choice for her because adoption was love.