Labor and Delivery Questions Birth Mothers May Have

Pregnant Woman Having Her Check Up — Phoenix, AZ — Arizona AdoptionWhat can you expect from your childbirth experience? Take a look at what first-time birth mothers need to know about labor, delivery, and their childbirth options.

Where Will You Give Birth?

By now you may already have an OBGYN or nurse midwife. If you’ve already chosen a medical provider, talk to the doctor or nurse about what your options are. The most common places where women deliver their babies include:

  • A hospital. This is a traditional option that’s often required for birth mothers who are at high risk for complications. Your doctor or midwife may feel more comfortable with you delivering in a hospital or need to move you to a hospital for a C-section, breech birth, or other medical issue.
  • A birthing center. This healthcare environment has a home-like feel. Your doctor or midwife will need to agree to this option. This option isn’t advisable for someone with a high risk, and you may need to go to the hospital if complications arise.
  • Home. Often viewed as the most comfortable birthing option, a home birth is not a choice for birth mothers who have risks or complications. Even though a home birth (like the name implies) is in the home, a doctor or midwife will deliver the baby.


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3 Ways to Prepare Your Body and Mind for Healthy Labor

Whether you are in your first trimester of pregnancy or third, you should begin preparing your body and mind for a healthy labor process. When you prepare your body, you can improve the chance of the delivery of a healthy child while keeping your own health in mind. When you prepare your mind, you can ease worries and apprehensions that you currently have about the labor process.

Learn three ways to prepare your body and mind for a healthy labor process as a birthmother.


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Birth Mother Options: Characteristics You Prefer in an Adoptive Family

Birth Mother — Phoenix, AZ — Arizona Adoption Help LLC

As a birth mother, take the time to decide what is important to you before you meet with an adoption agency. Time spent on research into the lives of the available adoptive parents can help a birth mother to feel more secure about the process. Voicing your preferences enables the adoption agency to direct you to the candidates that most closely match your desires.


Every birth mother is an individual, so the priorities of each will vary. Think about the things you value in your life or what you feel your childhood lacked. Your image of a perfect life can help you determine what matters most about the family your baby will grow up in. Below are some suggestions to think about as you create your wish list.



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How to Talk to Your Parents About Pregnancy and Adoption

How to Talk to Your Parents About Pregnancy and Adoption

Are you a pregnant teen? An unexpected pregnancy is challenging — especially during the teen years. If you’re not sure how to talk to your parents about your pregnancy, take a look at what you need to know about this complex conversation.


Relax Before Your Start to Talk


Even though starting this conversation isn’t always easy, tension and excess anxiety won’t help anyone. Anxiety, stress, and fear can cloud your head and make the upcoming discussion more difficult than necessary.


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5 Strategies to Help You Feel Right About Adoption

5 Strategies to Help You Feel Right About Adoption

When you first find out you are pregnant when you are not yet ready to be a parent, you face a lot of emotions, decisions, and uncertainty. Many mothers who are considering adoption as an option for their growing baby can struggle during pregnancy, wondering if adoption is really the right thing to choose.


Choosing adoption is not easy, and feelings of uncertainty are normal for many women. If you need reassurance that adoption is right for you, here are some ways you can help feel more secure in your choice.


1. Meet Often With the Adoptive Parents


You get the opportunity, if you want, to choose the family your baby goes to. You can spend time with the parents you pick to raise the baby. If you need more reassurance that adoption is a good decision, ask to spend even more time with the family. You will see more about the life your child will take part in, which can be a big comfort to you.


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Get the Most From a Birth Mother Support Group

Preparing to both give birth and give your baby up for adoption can inspire many emotions as the months go by. It can certainly inspire feelings of confidence and admiration for yourself since you are making a selfless choice, yet it can also inspire feelings of fear and doubt. A birth mother support group can be a huge comfort when faced with any and all those emotions.


Many birth mother support groups are designed like other well-known support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. They are created to help people who are going through difficult experiences share their joys, defeats, pain, and triumphs with others who are in the same boat. Consider these strategies to optimize the time you spend in a birth mother support group.


Attend the First Meetings to Just Listen


Going to your first few support group meetings can be intimidating. You’ll take some of the pressure off yourself if you commit to going to the first few meetings just to listen and learn. Attending quietly is perfectly acceptable, and you will likely find others in the group who aren’t eager to talk.


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Questions to Consider When Writing a Letter to Your Baby

Many pregnant women decide that adoption is the best choice for them and their baby, but that doesn’t mean that the choice is an easy one in any way. Every imaginable emotion is sure to come up during the pregnancy, and that’s okay. With all the rituals that exist for a new baby and the adoptive parents, birth mothers may want to create a few rituals of their own.


One meaningful and healing ritual you may choose to try is writing a letter to your baby. When writing a letter to a child you plan to place for adoption, ask yourself these questions to help you identify the things that you most need to communicate to the child.


Why Are You Writing the Letter?


Before you start the letter-writing process, be clear on why you are writing the letter. Also be clear on who it is for. If you just want to write the letter as an exercise for yourself, that’s okay. However, discern that before writing the letter. If you are the only audience it will have, that may free you to delve into issues you would have avoided if you were writing for the baby.


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Tips for Setting Boundaries as a Birth Mother

Pregnant WomanPlacing your baby for adoption is a selfless choice to make, and it is sure to bring up a wide variety of emotions over the months that you prepare for the birth. You may encounter some uncomfortable situations along the way. To best handle challenging situations with difficult, rude, or clueless people, consider these tips for setting boundaries and sticking to them.


Keep a Journal to Best Identify What Isn’t Working for You
One of the best ways to work through your feelings and identify things that continually make you uncomfortable is to keep a daily diary. Try to write down how you feel in good times and bad times. It can also be helpful to simply write about your daily activities and see which ones tend to help you feel your best. When you look back over your journal entries, you may see a pattern of behavior. (more…)

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